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Casino Night Events of Cincinnati

Casino Night Cincinnati offers professional services for your next big corporate party or event. There are many different hosts and dealers kept on staff, a wide array of DJ's that are available by just a call, and you can even request Magicians if you wish. If you can dream up the idea, the odds are our company has done it. Offering your employees a night at the casino in Cincinatti makes a great evening for both employers and employees. Casino events make for a memorable party no matter what the occassion. Cruises, holiday parties (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) or even a going away party for a special employee all make great times to hire us.


Our company strives to stand out amongst the competitors by offering several different things: an overall lower price for your event, the highest quality service available, and providing your event with both professional staff and professional equipment. If you are in need of an event company to ensure the job is done correctly, our company is the company you want to hire. Our company has experience hosting parties for all the way from large corporations to particular individuals.

Our Specialization is bringing Vegas To You

Our company's specialization is to bring the excitement of the Las Vegas strip, in a professional, fun environment, to your event. We host events not only in the city of Cincinnati, but also in Kenwood, Hamilton, Florence, and Harrison, OH. Casino party events help individuals escape the reality of everyday life, if even for just a couple of hours one evening. Casino parties allow your employees to have a little fun while creating an important bonding experience that leads to a better overall working environment. When your staff needs to start working together instead of as separate individuals, a casino night is your prescription.

Our company's professionals strive to cater to your every need and never stray for the overall goal. Only the latest and greatest Las Vegas type equipment is offered, our dealers are always highly trained, and the planning of your event goes into even the most minute detail. We strive for your event to be as successful as possible. Give us a call today to get your event quote!

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I had heard of a casino night for company parties but I had never attended one. Using you guys was a complete jump with blind faith. I have to say I was extremely impressed and would hope we can start talks on booking again next year.
Melissa Baker
Baker Assoc.

Our Clients

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